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scene scale / object scale

Posted: Wed Feb 03, 2021 7:02 pm
by Christoph Meyer

I have a question regarding scene scale and object scale in Cinema 4D and Realflow. Seems like small scale simulations are really unstable. Normally we work with objects that we get as CAD-Data and import it which is set as "real world scale". Since in Cinema 4D scales are just numbers and it doesn't really affect the size, we don't have any issues with working like that. But with Realflow in Cinema 4D that seems to be a problem now. For example a generic washer is way smaller than a generic 200x200x200 Cube from Cinema. I already tried different methods like scaling the project to 10 times its size, doing the sim and exporting it as alembic and importing it with a scale of 0.1. Is this the intended workflow?

I read through the Independent Realflow Forum that Realflows native scale is a meter. That would mean to scale it in C4D times 100. But this just does not seem right and really slow. Whats the best way to determine scale for a simulation to ensure stability and real looking fluid movement and working with the different daemons?

best regards and thanks!