Cache Breaks Irreparably Halfway Through Project

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Richard Shields
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Cache Breaks Irreparably Halfway Through Project

Post by Richard Shields » Sun Aug 07, 2022 9:05 pm

I've run into a real job-killing bug with RealFlow in the last few weeks. I've been simulating gin & tonic pouring into a container with fruit garnishes and ice blocks tumbling into the fluid. Starting the scene from scratch, everything seems to work ok, I can place emitters, add daemons and deformer objects and cache my simulation. Occasionally this process crashes my software and I have to restart which I've sort of come to expect with this scene. Sometimes I make it through to the end without it, but am forced to end my day's session and resume the following day. Sadly, both these scenarios lead me to a frustrating situation where at some stage I hit 'Cache Simulation' and instead of running the calculation, Realflow instead just ticks the 'Use Cache' box straight away without caching. This then seems to be a point of no return, where no matter how much I scramble my way back to where I was, no further caching is possible without starting my project from absolute scratch. It just refuses and leaves me unable to cache and watch my scene in realtime.

I tried copying my project hierarchy into a fresh project, turning off combinations of offending items, changing solver settings... nothing works. I even roll back to older project files where I remember cache was working at save point, but even these refuse. Only by starting a fresh project with a fresh RF scene am I able to cache again.

What could I possibly be doing wrong here? I can't seem to find anything similar in forums. I've attached my project file:
Only thing I can think of is that perhaps my fruit object hierarchies are confusing the plugin, these are set up using a combination of instances, symmetry objects and mograph fracture.

Please help!
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