Use particles with getCollidingObject() ??

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Use particles with getCollidingObject() ??

Post by izo » Tue Jun 03, 2014 7:54 pm

Hey all,

I'm not super awesome at scripting, but I'm giving it a go...
I have a sweaty bottle here with particles emitted from an object, then I'm running a bigger drop down the bottle emitter from a sphere-emitter.

What i'd like to do is use getCollidingObject to move colliding particles to the sphere-emitter when they're colliding with the same emitter.
I'm guessing that's not supported atleast not with getCollidingObject, or did I just make an error in the script?

def onSimulationStep():
e = scene.get_PB_Emitter("Object01")
t = scene.get_PB_Emitter("Sphere01")
parts = e.getParticlesColliding()
for p in parts:
obj = p.getCollidingObject()
if (obj.getName() == t):
t.addParticle(p.getPosition(), p.getVelocity())

Anyhow, I'd love some suggestions on pulling this off, tried with filterdaemon but even though that attribute is called particle collisions, it seems to only react to objects.

THanks for any help!

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Re: Use particles with getCollidingObject() ??

Post by Alex » Tue Jun 03, 2014 8:48 pm

Hi izo,
You could try to test the neighbours instead of the collision flag.

I don't have the documentation here right now, but in case you can't ask a particle which emitter it belongs to, you can check if it is inside the array of the Sphere emitter particles.

Best regards
Alex Ribao
RealFlow Team
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