Rigid bodies, forces problem

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Rigid bodies, forces problem

Post by Reallifetidus » Sat Aug 13, 2016 12:43 am

Hey I'm putting together a video CV for an opportunity at channel 4 for disabled people as I am very talented and self taught despite having autism in this I am mimicking/recreating some if their intros/TV adverts so far in Maya all is good I'm feeling like I am going to land this job like its a walk in the park but on this current project I really want to show my diversity problem is I'm a bit rusty in realflow.

My current aim is to recreate this, very basic some would say but I am having a few problems
Instead of just a textured box I've made a roofless box with fill object I would like the rigid bodies to be controlled with the attractor with the liquid unaffected by this, the liquid is colliding with the bodies I'm creating but forces aren't affecting them just the liquid, how can I resolve this also Is there some form of relationship editor so I can make it that the attractor deamon affects the rigid bodies but not the liquid sim?

Thank you in advance I will keep my eyes out for replys

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Re: Rigid bodies, forces problem

Post by LuisMiguel » Wed Aug 17, 2016 12:24 pm


Attractor is working fine with rigid objects. Make sure you have the objects as rigid body and also the the attractor has the strength enough to move the sphere. Once the sphere is converted to rigid body, it has a mass. If the object is not a rigid body its mass will be infinite. Try to increase the Attractor strength to 50000, for example and you will see how the objects is reacting to the daemon. If you want to control the fluid with an Attractor, you could use another Attractor daemon only fro the fluid.


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