Dyverso masks

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Dyverso masks

Post by rebusbakery@gmail.com » Mon Oct 24, 2016 11:19 pm

Trying to capture the subset of dyverso particles that intersect an objects bounding box, with cached dyverso particles plugged into a ParticleGetChannel node to get the particle positions which are then plugged into a BoxIsPointInside to generate a mask for the dyverso particle array. Looking at the mask array with ArrayBitInfo node and there are indeed true values that correspond visually to the particles in the bounding box.

However, when I plug the particles and the mask into a ParticlesFilterByMask node, so I can work with those in the bbox, it breaks with the node's message saying "input attributes size differs: (111377, 1)". The first number is the total number of particles, so for some reason the mask input on the filter node is only picking up one mask value, not the full array of values.

Is this a problem with Dyverso particles or am I missing something? Is there a better way to get this info (keeping in mind that the FilterByVolume node crashes with Dyverso particles)?
output messages:

>[24/October/2016 18:20:59] - MessagePrint_01: 322
>[24/October/2016 18:20:59] - MessagePrint_02: 111055
>[24/October/2016 18:20:59] - WARNING: [GetParticlesInfo_01] - Input 'particles' is null
>[24/October/2016 18:20:59] - MessagePrint_03: 0
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