RealFlow 10.1 has been released!

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RealFlow 10.1 has been released!

Post by Forum Moderator » Tue May 16, 2017 2:49 pm

Full details at our blog:

Here are a few highlights of what this release brings you:

- Viscous: Mud, syrup, chocolate or honey are just some of the fluids that you can simulate accurately with the new Viscous material.

- Viscoelastic: Slime, foam, sponges... Viscoelastic materials complete the set of Dyverso multiphysics. The combinations are virtually countless.

- New Alembic panel: Get total control of your Alembic objects with the new parameters for tweaking their animation speed, offset and mode.

- SD Animation Offset: Direct your objects animation timing without leaving RealFlow. You can even use different offsets for objects from the same SD file.

- Emission mask: Stop worrying about objects intersecting with your emitters, or carefully scaling your pool walls to avoid gaps. With the new Emission Mask options, no particle will be created where you don't want it to.

- Particle Skinner: Particle Skinner is even better with the possibility of skinning simulations that have already been cached. Yes, this includes simulations from versions older than RealFlow 10!

- Spline emitter: The new Thickness parameter for the Spline emitter lets you create thick layers of fluid with just a click.

- Best-in-class liquids: Liquid PBD solver has been improved to reach SPH quality at the highest performance levels.

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