Realwave object splash, help!

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Kayo Yamagishi
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Realwave object splash, help!

Post by Kayo Yamagishi » Mon Apr 15, 2019 6:34 am

I will ask you a question about RealWave's object splash.

"RealWave mesh" and "object splash" from a sailing ship
There is a place where it floats from the draft.

I tried with various numbers, but I can not solve it.

It behaves as if the particle's ejection point is above the mesh.

It is a preview video. ...

*The object (ship) is imported by SD, and the motion is attached by Lightwave.
*The size of the object (ship) is 50m
* RealWave's mesh is deformed by Ocean statistical Spectrum.
*Particle Layer is set to "Yes."

Can you give me a solution?
Thank you.

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