How to read MD and SD file formats?

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Benjamin Wilson
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How to read MD and SD file formats?

Post by Benjamin Wilson » Sun Sep 15, 2019 2:57 am


I'm a software developer trying to read exported simulation data so that it can be rendered in another custom application. Is there any information available about how to read MD files (mesh cache) or SD files (animation)?

A little more background information if it helps:
I am doing 1,000 simulations of a geometric shape dropping into a Hybrido fluid volume (8-16 million particles) where the geometric shape is different in each simulation. I only need the mesh of the fluid and the mesh/animation of the geometric shape to be exported. The amount of data generated for this many simulations is quite large. The MD and SD file formats seem to contain the information that I am looking for with the smallest file size, but they are binary files. Can anyone help me read these files or is my best bet trial and error to decode both formats?


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