Particle IDs changing randomly

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Alissa Schweizer
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Particle IDs changing randomly

Post by Alissa Schweizer » Mon Aug 20, 2018 1:49 pm

Hi all,

for a project I tried to use Dyverso Granular particles as input for the Maya instancer to simulate ground dust. Im instancing one of 12 different geometries on each particle. Problem is that the Particles change their IDs during the animation, so from time to time one particle changes from one geometrie to another. I tried both one simulation with stable particle count and another with changing particle count. The problem is present in both versions.

I use rpc particles imported with the "RFConnect|Maya" Plugin into Maya 2018.3

If I show the particle ID they change randomly after a while. (not on every frame)

In the cinema 4D particle importer, there is a "Keep order of particles" checkbox.
Is there a way to get the same functionality in Maya? Or is there a known workflow/workaround to avoid flickering in animation?

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