adding additional frames to simulation

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adding additional frames to simulation

Post by res3d » Thu Jul 08, 2010 8:04 pm

I already have a job simulated using the a simulation node through the job manager. The origanl job had 700 frames. I realize that I need more frames, so I set the frames to 900. I then go to the job manger and submit the job with a frame range between 701 and 900, but it only simulated frame 701 and does not do the rest.

can anybody help with this.

Also just to be sure when I add the path for the file, am I adding the path to the flw file?

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Re: adding additional frames to simulation

Post by Alex » Fri Jul 09, 2010 8:40 am


it looks like you are doing it the right way. Are you sending the jobs directly from RealFlow or are you adding them through the web interface New Job form?
In first case, a duplicate of the scene is created and a RealFlow script is sent to the Job Manager queue. In the second one, you can add either a FLW scene or a script through the web form.

If completing your simulation is top priority, try to execute the following sentence through the command line:

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"%RF5PATH%/realflownode.exe" -threads N -range 700 900 PATHTOSCENE
Of course, replace N with your desired number of threads and PATHTOSCENE with the path to your FLW file.

If simulation still stops al frame 701, problem would be related to RealFlow Node. I believe that shouldn't be the case. We must be missing some step.
Alex Ribao
RealFlow Team
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