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Post by thebigmontagestudios » Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:21 pm

i am trying to send sims from my mac which is my main machine to a pc which has a render node. the two machines are communicating fine but I keep getting Unknown Path in the job mgr job status and it's not working. I am not sure what to put in the path translation rules and not sure what the job path should look like. I've tried so many things and can't figure out why it hasn't worked. Can anyone please help me and give me a quick walk through? Please?

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Post by tsn » Wed Jul 17, 2013 8:06 am


The first question is where the Job Manager (JM) application is installed? All path translation rules (PTR) have to point to this computer. You actually have to ask yourself:"Which route does a computer have to go to find the volume where the sim data is stored?" Personally, I found it the easiest way to run the JM on the Mac in heterogeneous networks, but that's mainly a matter of personal preference.

If the GUI and JM are installed on the Mac, the PTR is the path to the volume where you want to store the results, e.g.

PTR (Prefix/Mac) = /Volumes/HDD1/RealFlow/

In case the GUI is on the PC and the JM on a Mac, I create a network drive for the path shown above and assign a drive Id, e.g. Y. This Id is already the entire network drive:

PTR (Prefix/Windows) = Y:\

If the JM and the GUI are on the PC, the PTR has to be defined for the "Mac" slot. In this case, mount the PC's volume you want to use for simulations on the Mac and open "TextEdit". Press "Cmd + Shift + T" to convert the document into a pure text format. Now, drag the network volume's icon onto the document in TextEdit. The path you will see there is the PTR you have to enter under "Prefix" and "Mac".

I hope that helps.
Thomas Schlick | Next Limit Technologies

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