Realflow Christmas wish list :)

Is there anything that you would like to see in future versions of RealFlow?
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Realflow Christmas wish list :)

Post by KRISHNENDU ROY » Thu Dec 14, 2023 9:24 am

Hello everyone,

Wishing you all merry Christmas in advance & hoping the kind Santa from Next Limit delivers them :) I am not an expert user but nevertheless listing my wishlist. Pls do let me know if there is a quick workaround for the below points since deadlines are generally tight.

1) Jitter free meshes especially in slow motion simulations like 100 fps & above ( an old wish).

2) Sheeter daemon should ideally maintain a consistent volume & fill empty holes naturally without jitter.

3) There should be a feature where the liquid simulation should emit droplets naturally from the edges of the splash mesh like the crown daemon but even when the simulations are done without using the crown daemon for eg. while using a Dspline or simply throwing liquid from a container.

4) Can there be an explosion daemon emulating real liquid explosion. Currently to do this using the uniform daemon with negative values in conjunction with the noise daemon don't look proper & does not disintegrate the liquid naturally ( an old wish).

5) Default stablization of liquid in a container.

6) Making Dyverso particles more predictible with daemons as in the case of standard particles.

Thanks a lot & hoping the above wishes get granted by the Realflow team at least by next Christmas :)

Best Regards,
Nitin K

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