custom tendril deamon and Cursum Linearis

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custom tendril deamon and Cursum Linearis

Post by » Mon Jul 11, 2016 5:29 pm

Hi guys, i really like the new crown splash deamon its great, it would be nice if there was a custom tendril deamon that worked in a similar way, with a bounding shape, that could be placed within a fluid simulation to produce tendrils from within the bounding shape. i have had SOME success using the crown splash in this manner but it is awkward due to its defined crown shape.

secondly it would be great to see a dspline type deamon, that tries to keep the original emitter shape, much like the Cursum Linearis Plugin v2.0 from wetworks.

often i find i'm asked to create very specific shape with realflow, and although there are tools like crowd follow and Dspline, they are always restricted in some manner, crowd follow isnt specific enough to the path and dsplines create a tubular simulation along the axis.

i know the argument here is to then further push realflow with scripting, but myself and others i know, are not savvy with scripting and would find realflow much more artist friendly if it had some force controllers like the crown splash, that gave specific forms, right out of the box.

as previously stated, a custom crown splash type deamon, with bounding and directional controls and of course number of tendrils etc, maybe linear version and box/sphere would really help artistically sculpt some of the fluids.

a path follow/dspline, that allowed for the fluids to maintain a degree of their emitter shape ... i.e linear emitter or cube or circle etc would take realflow for the artist to the same level as realflow for the scripting genius.

i've seen some wonderful scripts developed by third parties, it seems crazy that nextlimit havent yet created even better versions of these. (Q-solver looks epic)

i've been trying to create a similar image to the attachment for years, with no scripting skills, its been impossible.

but with a custom tendril deamon and a better path control than crowd follow or Dspline, this could be easily created. maybe i'll have to wait until RF 2020 .

if anyone has any scripts they could share that run on a mac... i would really appreciate it.


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Re: custom tendril deamon and Cursum Linearis

Post by atena » Tue Jul 12, 2016 12:55 pm

Thank you very much for your suggestions. Hopefully you will see them before RF2020. :)
Again, thank you very much.
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