Realflow 2015 Dyverso issue

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Realflow 2015 Dyverso issue

Post by Alexander_Boehmer » Tue Oct 11, 2016 4:50 pm

Hey guys I'm currently working on my bachelor's thesis about fluids and I need some help with my RealFlow scene:
I animated a bottle to pour wine in a glass.
however from one frame to the next my particles suddenly go crazy with penetrating the bottle and shoot out of the neck. And I am a bit helpless at this point...



I use these settings:
-Realflow 2015 and the Dyverso SPH Solver
-A Resolution of 1 (just for the beginning I wanna bump it up to 10 for the final)
-gravity of 9.8 ( I use Realflows scene scale of 1 so I set the Daemon scale to 10 to get a realistic behavior of the wine since it is always counting in meters)
-The bottle as the collider is a shell object with a cell size of 0.1 and a surface offset of 0.1
-The min substeps for the SPH solver are 100 and the maximum 300 but still I get this weird result

I'll put the scene file from maya on Dropbox for anyone to check:

I'm very thankful for any help and advice

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Re: Realflow 2015 Dyverso issue

Post by Oldcode » Thu Oct 13, 2016 12:23 am

Not an expert on Dyverso, but from what I see one thing you can try is to decrease the Cell Size, also, increase the minimum number of sub steps in the Dyverso options.

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Re: Realflow 2015 Dyverso issue

Post by » Tue Oct 25, 2016 4:19 pm

First off I would not use shell as the bottle collider since it looks like it is modeled with thickness, that is it has an inside and an outside, so use solid inside (provided the normals are correct) and then tweak the settings to get the cleanest closest volume for the surface. You can show the isosurface under the Display Volume tab on the object node for adjustment purposes.

Work at the highest resolution your machine and patience can handle, 1 is pretty low and may not give a good indication of what is happening.

The scaling of the daemon forces may be the right idea in theory, but try it with default settings first to make sure that is not causing problems. Besides it is animation so you want what looks good, not what may be mathematically correct.

You may want to break up the effect into in the bottle wine, and pouring wine. But if you need to keep it as one sim be aware that sudden movement of the bottle will cause strong forces on the liquid and may be why it blows up.

Good luck, keep us posted how it goes/what fixes your issues...

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