Thin splash like fluid with DSpline?

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Juha Takabe
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Thin splash like fluid with DSpline?

Post by Juha Takabe » Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:28 pm


I have been trying to create spline following splash like fluid using DSpline without actual control :|

Well, I have managed to get some kind of thin parts using some noise and colliders, but it is hit and miss based on pure luck.

DSpline tend to pull fluid too much into the spline to keep fluid on the path and it makes fluid shape too round and not at all splashy or thin.

Adding noise here and there won't help either. It will sure make fluid more move around, but won't make thin curvy splash where I need it to be. Too random.

DSpline will also twist too much and I can't reduce its twist amount with vortex setting. Even zero will twist.

Here is some reference I really like. ... mon_03.jpg

I would truly appreciate any kind of advice. Thank you.


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